Review: V/A – CVR VI

In celebration and support of the vinyl form, this review feature is dedicated to vinyl-only releases. Instead of a score, we tell you who, where or when we think the tracks are perfect for!

Artist: Simon Mann, Golo, Thirteen Seven, Monreal

Album: CVR VI

Label: Controlled Violence

Year: 2017

Perfect for: Minimalists, warehouse ravers, explorers

Based out of Melbourne and Leipzig, Controlled Violence is a label that started in 2016 with digital releases on bandcamp. This vinyl-only release is the label’s first foray into the world of wax. While it may have looked like it slipped under the radar, the truth can’t be any further as the record has already entered the bags of DJs like Charlotte de Witte.

First up on the various artists compilation is Simon Mann from Sydney, Australia with a minimal techno track “DED K”. The track transports you to a dystopic future where the glitchy lead seems like it is mimicking machines talking to each other. Where have the humans gone?

Golo from Leipzig, Germany follows up on the A2 with “In Ages”. The release takes a sharp turn as the melancholic sounds of the piano and song arrangement combine for a roller-coaster of emotions. A potential tear-jerker for someone going through a tough time and seeking respite in the club.

Kicking off the B-side is Thirteen Seven from Perm, Russia. “Proailurus” is an experimental dub track, perfect for those who live in the uncharted frontiers of techno music. This is one for your “eclectic” playlist.

Lastly, Monreal from Istanbul, Turkey rounds up the release with “Marcel”, an unforgivingly raw and brutal tune that goes directly to your heart. This B2 alone makes this vinyl a must-have and we are certain it has already made an appearance in countless warehouses or factories.

You’ve heard us. Don’t sleep on this!


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