Review: Kilo Lounge presents Dauwd with Amy Dabbs


Dauwd, of Kompakt and Ninja Tune fame, graced Kilo Lounge last night with Amy Dabbs in support. Having released his first album Theory of Colours recently on Ninja Tune, his DJ set was certainly highly anticipated by us over here.

With Amy Dabbs playing a solid warm-up set, Dauwd decided to go for tech house bangers for the best part of his set. Unlike his willingness to build layers and penchant for complexity in his productions, his set last night was unadventurous. It could have been because of the Funktion One sound systems which does not take too kindly to complex layers but we don’t really know. It may have been a good night out for most but we expected more for someone as innovative and complex a producer as Dauwd.


There were moments where Dauwd ventured out of the formulaic tech house beat but it never threatened to build into an overarching story line for the night, and became mere moments of respite from the repetitiveness. In the last hour, Amy Dabbs went B2B with Dauwd and kudos to her for switching up the music. In our opinion, Dauwd’s selections improved when he had to respond to Amy Dabbs and the music noticeably improved. Not our most enjoyable headline act in a while but hey, everybody has an off day right? We will let you be the judge with some of the better snippets from the night.


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