Review: Shaun Soomro – Floating On Rooftops EP

In celebration and support of the vinyl form, this review feature is dedicated to vinyl-only releases. Instead of a score, we tell you who, where or when we think the tracks are perfect for!

Artist: Shaun Soomro

Album: Floating On Rooftops EP

Label: Lick My Deck

Year: 2017

Perfect for: Atmospheric house, ambient lovers, Giegling fans, soundtrack for driving on a highway as the sun breaks through the clouds after a rainstorm

This was not an easy find. We first heard Panorama Dawn back at Giegling showcase at CATO in December 2016. DJ Dustin closed his b2b set with ATEQ with this track. Our efforts to get the ID from him came to naught. He could not disclose the track name as it was still unreleased at that time, but we emerged with the artist’s name and have been keeping tabs since. The vinyl-only EP was released in April 2017 on Lick My Deck, Shaun Soomro’s own imprint, and we could not recommend it more.

The A-side track, Illuminating Skies In Rainstorms, is built around a minimal chord progression with a healthy sprinkle of chimes and bells. Like the name suggests, the feeling evoked is a tinge of optimism amid doubt. Panorama Dawn, the B-side, builds on the same formula but creates a whole new melancholic feeling. As we subsequently found out, DJ Dustin has been dropping this track in quite a few of his sets. So if you are a Giegling fan (as we are), this track fits right in your collection.

Both tracks are atmospheric trips of their own, combining deep house and ambient in a way that will leave you floating, as the EP’s name aptly suggests. Perhaps the best way to put them is the age-old adage that it is the journey that matters, not the destination. They do not lead to a singular moment of goosebumps or epic drop. It is easy to see these two tracks being dismissed as repetitive and simplistic but that would be missing the point and a matter of personal taste. At a time where big drops and epic melodies are top-sellers, Shaun Soomro is an artist who has discovered his own sound and is bravely pursuing his own aesthetics on his own label. What a treat!


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