Review: The Council presents Integrity Records 1st Anniversary


In an age of abundant labels, Eddie Niguel has managed to carved out a name and identity for Integrity Records in the short span of a year. With his artist-centric approach, it is no surprise that producers like Kocleo love working with him. Last night, Integrity Records celebrated its first anniversary at The Council with Kocleo specially flying in for the label showcase.

Cats On Crack was first up for the night with her signature deep house. Quality as always, Eddie Niguel soon took over at half past midnight. Continuing on from Cats On Crack’s sound, Eddie Niguel displayed a new side of his DJ persona as he weaved a 1-hr set of hypnotic deep house and infectious tech house, with tracks like Hunter/Game’s “Dead Soul” and Barnt’s “Cherry Red (Tale Of Us and Recondite Mix)”. Entertaining without blowing the roof off, he laid a perfect canvas for Kocleo to paint the night in his own colours.

While most people know Kocleo’s productions, less is known about his DJ sets but he turned up with a top-notch peak-time set.  From different shades of house to the various landscapes of techno, Kocleo firmly stamped his imprint on the night. He also played a couple of his tracks off the label like “Keep Faith” and “Unity” along with a healthy dose of KiNK (“Chorus” and “Cloud Generator”). As if teasing us up for Tim Green’s imminent appearance in Singapore this July, Kocleo also played his track “Among Wolves”. Closing his set with Black Strobes’s “Italian Fireflies”, Kocleo sent the room into a frenzy. Was it techno or trance? Has the track ended? We still don’t know.

Eddie Niguel took over for the last two hours and this time round, he was firmly in techno territory. Delivering a high-octane set, the dance floor was evidently impressed as the crowd stayed till the end. Besides ambient textures and experimental beats, Eddie Niguel also played his hit “Absolute”, mixing it perfectly with the vocals of another track. As Octave One’s “Black Water” blared through the speakers, the end of the night was in sight. It was not long before the lights came on and Burrow’s, the visual artist, dancing brick-man came to a complete halt.

However, we are certain that the brick-man won’t be static for long because July has only started for Integrity Records. ‘Absolute’ will be re-released on Integrity Records at the end of this month with a new remix by Panteros666. Keep your eyes on the label!

Eddie Niguel_Absolute EP_1600x1600


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