Review: The Council Anniversary Warehouse Party feat. KiNK (live)


The Council celebrated its first anniversary in spectacular fashion, bringing in KiNK for a one-off warehouse party beside the docks along Keppel Road. Kaye joined KiNK for his live set and the line-up was completed by residents Ulysses, Julien Brochard and Cats On Crack.

Nobody else can draw in such a big crowd on a Thursday night like The Council. Thankfully, the venue this time was a huge cavernous bar/space in the middle of industrial warehouses. Here, the crew re-created the atmosphere of the club with their signature red strobe lights and even brought along the pair of lamps adorning the DJ booth at 66 Boat Quay. With Friday (and work/school) in sight, the schedule was probably adjusted earlier to prevent people from having to decide between taking a MC or deal with the disappointment of missing out. Continuing on from Ulysses at 1030pm, KiNK and Kaye played a 3.5-hr live set.

KiNK is no stranger to Singapore. Yet again, he demonstrated why he is consistently voted #1 on Resident Advisor’s Top Live Acts. KiNK does not merely play the instruments live. He also interacts with the audience in a way that makes them feel part of his performance, timing his build-ups with the crowd’s reaction. Of course, it helps that KiNK is at the forefront of technology and uses the latest MIDI technology to help him. We spotted KiNK air drumming with OWOW’s drum. Anyone interested in becoming, or pretending to be, the next KiNK can grab it for 109 euros from the website. (This is just tech talk, not a sponsored post.)

Jamming with him live was Kaye, who is without a strand of doubt the #1 live act in Singapore. The synergy between KiNK and Kaye was perfect. Like a jazz duo, when one of them was jamming live, the other would happily oblige with playing the supporting role. KiNK also fused aspects of his other moniker Cyrillic as he added a turntable to his set-up for locked grooves and loops. The result was a special show that you can only catch in Singapore, at least for now.

As the night progressed, their set decreased in intensity (i.e. Cloud Generator) and increased in emotive textures and vocal chops (i.e. KiNK’s mix of Rachel Row – Follow The Step). At the end, we were left with Kaye’s sax solos and KiNK’s atmospheric chords to draw their symbiotic live performance to a close for Julien Brochard to continue the party. Unfortunately, consecutive nights took its toll and we were unable to stay until the end. There was, however, no doubt that the 1st anniversary celebrations was a success!


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