Review: The Council presents DJ BORING


It took some time but the lo-fi invasion finally hit our shores as DJ BORING made his Singapore debut at The Council, the first artist in this scene to do so. Like all words, “lo-fi house” is merely a label but it is useful in pointing to a genre of house music with lush chords and the creative use of samples. Some say it is just 90s deep house. Whatever the definition, nothing encapsulates the genre better than DJ BORING’s “Winona”, widely considered one of the pioneering tracks along with Ross From Friends’s “Talk To Me You’ll Understand”.

But beyond their productions, we found out that these lo-fi producers are a whole lot of fun as DJs as well. And we are not just referring to their names (read DJ Windows XP, Ross From Friends, Mall Grab)! By now, most would have known that DJ BORING’s moniker is a misnomer and last night was anything but boring. At midnight, local represent Daryl Chan was already priming a half-full floor for what was to come. Not long after, DJ BORING took over and played a thumping set of house from start to end.

Clearly not in the mood for filler material, he was already dropping Octave One’s “Black Water” 15 minutes into his set. Midway through, DJ BORING then caught everyone by surprise as Winona Ryder’s voice wafted through the confines of The Council, followed in quick succession by another smashing hit in Liem’s “If Only”. KiNK’s tracks also received some airtime as DJ BORING teased the crowd ahead of KiNK’s show tomorrow. Traversing through more than 30 years of music, DJ BORING connected the present “lo-fi house” to early house music, strung together by his ear for slamming chords and moving strings.

The music aside, DJ BORING’s enthusiasm and love of the craft is as genuine as it gets. Each time he receives an euphoric response from the crowd, his face brightens up into a wide-eyed grin, incredulous that his music can have such an impact and ecstatic at the same time. If you put any of us in the crowd up in the DJ booth, we would probably have the same expression of disbelief and joy. And this is perhaps the biggest draw of this new wave of DJs/producers, who were not too long ago a normal guy making tunes in his bedroom. We feel that we can relate to them and on a hazy Wednesday night, nothing else matters with such good vibes.


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