Review: Council Saturdays with Eddie Niguel & Kavan


On a rare and otherwise uneventful Saturday night, veterans Eddie Niguel and Kavan reunited to play at The Council in a mini-gathering of two of the original founders of Midnight Shift. Since then, Eddie Niguel has moved on to found his own record label, Integrity Records, while Kavan has relocated to Berlin to further establish Midnight Shift’s presence in the European scene.


Cats on Crack started the night before Eddie Niguel took over. Juggling between techno, breaks and more left-field material, Eddie adopted a risky approach for the night and he almost always pulled it off. The dedicated turn out for the night and the uncompromising music policy of The Council no doubt emboldened Eddie in his approach for that night. Our trainspotting abilities also failed for the night and we will leave it to the videos to speak a thousand words.

Kavan assumed the decks at 230am and he went out with all guns blazing. His techno set drew upon diverse strands of the genre rather than a singular industrial sound. From the funky to the rough and “lo-fi”, there were also ambient elements and more experimental beats. Fans of Midnight Shift would have recognised Kink’s Chorus and Mike Dunn’s acid-tinged vocal-less remix of Ford Foster’s decisions. Kavan also probably tested several of Midnight Shift’s unreleased tracks. No surprises!


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