Heard on the Dancefloor: Equation 2017

Heard on the Dancefloor is a regular feature of the Underground Reactor. We bring you tracks we heard at the event that we like and managed to find. If you found other tracks, please share them here!

1. First Choice – Let No Man Put Us Under (played by Boogie G)

2. Two Man Sound – Que Tal America (played by Miya)

3. O.H.M – Oceanic (played by Oskar Offermann)

4. Nami Shimada – Sunshower (played by Yoshi Nori)

5. Brawther – Spaceman Funk (Deep Club Mix) (played by Magico)

6. Dwayne Jensen – My People (Disco Nights Mix) (played by Borrowed Identity)

7. CW/A – Mantra (played by ATEQ)

8. Franck Roger & DJ Deep – I Tell The DJ (played by DJ Dustin)



  1. Some favorites

    Ecstasy Boys- Chi Chi Chi Gan Kanon (telephones)
    The Maghreban – Brooklyn (ouissam)
    soulful dynamics – jungle people (alex from tokyo)
    Sun Glitters – Beside Me (Dj dustin)

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