Review: Ford Foster – Managed Expectations

In celebration and support of the vinyl form, this review feature is dedicated to vinyl-only releases. Instead of a score, we tell you who, where or when we think the tracks are perfect for!

Artist: Ford Foster

Album: Managed Expectations 

Label: Midnight Shift

Year: 2017

Perfect for: 90s techno lovers, acid junkies

Ford Foster’s latest output on Midnight Shift reinvents the usual vinyl-exclusive structure. Rather than having exclusive tracks on the vinyl itself, fans get access to two exclusive tracks on Bandcamp only if they purchase the vinyl. Since this is the case, this review will only talk about the exclusive Bandcamp tracks.

The first track “Decision” is the main pillar of the entire EP with three alternate versions/remixes of it. With “Your decisions have affected my life” looping from start to end, the track begins slowly with an downtempo beat (that has a particularly interesting sound on the 3rd beat, perhaps a reverse snare?) for the first minute. It then quickly erupts into a full-on aural assault as the kicks, claps and hats come out fast and furious. The track has an infectious mood to it with the keys and bass adding to the groove. Ford Foster’s drums also has a distinct snappy character to it: crunchy, slightly distorted and with minimal reverb. Perfect for those who like techno raw and noisy.

The next track, Decisions (Mike Dunn’s M.A.M. Vokal MixX), continues with the throwback to the early days of techno/house as the legend remakes a second version of “Decision”. This time, the vocals float in and out of the song with a spacious reverb. A pulsing acid lead turns the track on its head with ominous pads interjecting now and then. Mike Dunn also switches the drums and percussion out for a cleaner sound, allowing the acid line to cut through the sounds. If we had to choose, Mike Dunn’s M.A.M. Vokal MixX is the one for us!


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