Replay: March 2017

In this monthly series, we scour the depths of the Internet and its memory vault to curate a list of tracks that caught our attention in the previous month. From classics to the freshest and obscure releases, we bring you tracks that we believe you deserve to know or are deserving of greater attention, or both! Sit back and enjoy the ride.

1. Ford Foster – Hold It In

Ford Foster’s Managed Expectations EP was released by Midnight Shift late February/early March. The entire EP is a throwback to the early sounds of techno when it diverged from house. That direction can also be distilled from the invitation of Mike Dunn as a remixer. “Hold It In” employs the classic house rhythm as the backbone with additional hi hats and claps giving the track its groove. A spooky, razor-like pad and sharp stabs combine at various sections with the bass line to give a feeling of suspense and insecurity. The simplicity of the EP belies the deep emotional themes of fame and insecurity that the artist seems to be expressing.

2. Kiko Navarro – Twilight (Eddie Niguel Remix)

Next up, Eddie Niguel, founder of Integrity Records, remixes Kiko Navarro’s Twilight, whose track is itself a disco-house rework of Maze’s soul hit in the 1980s. Eddie strips the track apart, keeping only the vocals and adding in his signature chord sounds. The colour  and mood of the song changes according to the filter applied to the chords, embellished by stabs. The end result is a track more minimal and deep than the classic disco-house sounds of Kiko Navarro’s version.

3. The Sunchasers – Sweet Dreams

The Sunchasers’s Sweet Dreams is a slow house track that sounds like what its name suggests. The low female vocals floats in over the four-note bass line and a two-chord progression,  giving the track its chilled-out vibes.

4. Ferng – Juno Campur

Self-released on Soundcloud, Ferng returns with Juno Campur, a hypnotic track with mallets and bells chiming against the beats and bass.


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