Review: 92 Spacedrum Orchestra – Hybrid Rhythm EP

In celebration and support of the vinyl form, this review feature is dedicated to vinyl-only releases. Instead of a score, we tell you who, where or when we think the tracks are perfect for!

Artist: 92 Spacedrum Orchestra

Album: Hybrid Rhythm EP

Label: Salt Mines

Year: 2017

Perfect for: Lo-fi house lovers, atmospheric deep house moments, space travel

92 Spacedrum Orchestra’s Hybrid Rhythm EP is the 4th release of Salt Mines, a Melbourne label run by Shedbug and Rudolf C. Hailing from Amsterdam, not much is known about 92 Spacedrum Orchestra (yet). What we can say at this moment is that “Spacedrum Orchestra” is a pretty accurate description of his/her music. Underlying the four tracks are a distinct drum sound and spacey lo-fi chords.

“Metro 53” starts the EP with a bleep from outer space that grows into a cacophony of lasers and zaps fusing with the percussion. A voice speaking over the radio marks a change of chords as the kicks and toms forms the pulse of the track. Next up, “Hybrid Rhythm”, the title track, begins with a long chord progression and a vacuum-esque lead. A massive orchestral sound then sweeps in before the outro of the song.

The 3rd track, “ML4U”, is the track we are most enamoured of. Building around two simple chords, 92 Spacedrum Orchestra turns the track into an absolute beauty with a spacious six-note lead and a saw bass. A female voice appears intermittently throughout the track, evoking a wistfulness that is easy to grasp yet hard to describe. Littered with minor details and notes, this track conveys the strongest emotions in the EP.

Lastly, Route 8 serves up an After Hours Remix of “ML4U”. The track feels anything but after hours as the kick drum is noticeably punchier. Route 8 also swapped the lead melody and vocals while a warm string sound envelopes the song before it ends with what sounds like a field recording of sea waves.


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