Review: The Council presents rampue (live) & Temo Sayin


The first weekend of March already sees a slew of headliners descend upon our sunny shores, with Red Axes, Fur Coat and Wolf+Lamb playing this weekend. The Council steals ahead of the pack with a late addition of rampue on Thursday night, supported by Temo Sayin.

The fact that it was a work day tomorrow had no effect as the crowd packed out the space at an alarming rate. Temo Sayin could not have played a better warm-up set. Starting at a slower pace than usually heard at the council, his blend of deep house with exotic influences had everyone hooked from the start. If the rarity of tracks is the barometer by which one assess a DJ, Temo Sayin would be at the top. His track IDs transcended the limits of both human knowledge and artificial intelligence (the Soundhound app).




rampue, the headlining act for the night, came on early at 1230am. Performing a live set, he brought his brand of slow deep house/electronica to The Council. The influences of Nicolas Jaar are clear and rampue is not afraid to acknowledge it. Running an Akai APC40 mkII, a Novation Launchpad and a Novation Launchcontrol XL, rampue’s set-up was lean and effective. His live set is a stinging rebuttal to the purists who draw a distinction between live sets with hardware and those without as it was no less entertaining.


For two hours, The Council was inundated with euphoria as rampue’s combination of lush harmonies and spacious vocals filled the dance floor, putting a smile on every face. His reading of the crowd was also spot on as he knew precisely which of his track/remix would fit best. It was clear that the live set was not pre-arranged as rampue furiously navigated his APC40 throughout the two hours. rampue ended his set by taking things down several notches to ~100bpm as the arpeggios faded into rapturous applause. Temo Sayin then closed the night and fortunately his tracks weren’t so obscure this time round!

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