Replay: February 2017

In this monthly series, we scour the depths of the Internet and its memory vault to curate a list of tracks that caught our attention in the previous month. From classics to the freshest and obscure releases, we bring you tracks that we believe you deserve to know or are deserving of greater attention, or both! Sit back and enjoy the ride.

1. Octo Octa – Move On (Let Go) (De-Stress Mix)

Octo Octa, or Maya Bouldry-Morrison, dazzles with an emotional and personal release on Honey Soundsystem. Every track on her latest EP “Where Are We Going?” feels like her response to the her own experiences after coming out as transgender. “Move On (Let Go) (De-Stress Mix)” reflects the mood of the title. The floating piano chords contrasted with the intelligible vocals suggests to the listener to move on rather than focus on what he is unable to understand,  much as how we often do not understand the perspectives of others. You know it will be good when “this is the first time in a decade Honey Soundsystem has thrown itself at a contemporary LP”.

2. Kocleo – Keep Faith

+65 label Integrity Records 2nd release comes from the Italian producer Kocleo. “Keep Faith” is a track that belongs to the dance floor. The thumping bass line that starts one minute into the track is bound to send everyone on the dance floor into a frenzy late on Saturday’s night. Kocleo shows us that less is indeed more. You can preview snippets of the EP here.

3. Snap – I’ve Got The Power (Traumprinz Edit)

Traumprinz, the elusive, mysterious and unknown prodigious producer of Giegling fame, delivers his own interpretation of Snap’s classic track into a house tune. Rather than rushing into the iconic line of “I’ve got the power!”, Traumprinz takes his time to loop the chords for a good 3-and-a-half minutes before doing so. The result is an edit that feels fresh yet recognisable at the same time.

4. Ferng – Modilate

Local label Soulmatters Recordings kicked off 2017 with a debut outing from Zouk resident Ferng. He delivers a techno track in “Modilate” built around a looping vocal with heavy modulation and filter automation as well as constant tweaking of the parameters of the lead melody/bassline. The EP also has label heads Shawnn Lai and The Confuser giving their own spin on the track. You can check out the snippets here.

5. Savvas – Love Affair

Savvas’s “Love Affair” is a beautifully composed deep house track. Stretching over 9 minutes, the winds injects a good dose of melancholy along with mystery and weaves the song together with its constant variation. We reckon this song will be perfect for a sunrise/sunset moment.

6. Case Woo – Morning Comes

Local stalwart Case Woo, with the help of Xhin, digs up a house track from 2002. It is a testament to the track’s timelessness that we would not have been able to tell it was made 15 years ago if it was not in the track description. Give it a listen yourself!

7. Johnboy – Templar

Next up, we are excited to throw the spotlight on some local producers we recently discovered on Soundcloud. First up is Johnboy. His latest track “Templar” clocks in at an epic 12 minutes. With an extended intro, the track lies somewhere between atmospheric techno and deep house with its effortless layering of sounds.


Continuing with our +65 digging, we have TM.PARK next on the list. The track “BODY OVER BODY” is a tech house track with metallic bleeps accompanying the sweeping synths and a syncopated bass line. A voice saying “BODY” also haunts the entire track.


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