Review: Leftbank x Dekoded presents Answer Code Request & Eddie Niguel


Answer Code Request, AKA Patrick Gräser makes his return to Singapore after his last outing in 2015. Currently a resident at Berghain, ACR has risen to the top of his field, both as a producer and a DJ, since his breakthrough in 2011. Singapore is the 4th stop of his ongoing tour in Asia and Australia, with Hong Kong and Shanghai coming up next. The recent closure of CATO meant that Millian has become the new go-to place for the odd techno gig and a huge plus is the license to run the party until 6am.

Haan, who also organised this party, kicked off the night with a steady and meticulous four-to-the-beat set. While he teased with tracks such as Karim Sahraoui’s “Once We Are There”, the spacious dance floor prevented the slowly-growing crowd’s energy from rising too much. Eddie Niguel, +65’s talented producer and founder of the new Integrity Records, was up next. Although technical difficulties resulted in Eddie Niguel starting his set 20 minutes late, the delay did not throw Eddie off as he went on to deliver an impressive set. If anyone expected a set of a similar vein to his productions, they would have been pleasantly surprised. Eddie clearly got the memo as he delivered a techno set spanning the entire spectrum of the genre, from acid to raw and dirty tracks like Bjarki’s “I Wanna Go Bang”. Besides the usual flavours, Eddie also went into non 4/4 territory, which was a perfect segway into Answer Code Request.

Coming on at 3am, ACR reset the party with an ambient intro. It did not take long before the kick drum made its entrance and for the next 3 hours, ACR worked his magic on the dance floor. Patrick Gräser maximised the use of the three decks as he worked through a song or transition almost every minute or two. The result was a set with so much intensity and energy that one cannot get bored of it even if he or she tried. As one would expect from a Berlin born-and-bred DJ, ACR’s brought the signature bass kick of Berlin to the interiors of Millian, doing justice to the former industrial venue. Just as Berghain was a former power station, Millian shares a similar history as it sits within St James Power Station. Definitely the next best option for those of us who can’t afford to travel to Berlin or get past Sven Marquardt.

ACR’s set was not all about the bass though. Everyone has their own interpretation of techno, whether as a concept or genre. ACR’s perspective was evident as he injected his distinct brand of bleak and (mildly) depressing ambient music with broken beats into the set. “Feel Rework” was among the few of his own productions that he dropped and it was fitting that he closed the night with Boards of Canada’s “White Cyclosa”.


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