Replay: January 2017

In this monthly series, we scour the depths of the Internet and its memory vault to curate a list of tracks that caught our attention in the previous month. From classics to the freshest and obscure releases, we bring you tracks that we believe you deserve to know or are deserving of greater attention, or both! Sit back and enjoy the ride.

1. nihx – N2

Local stalwart Xhin returns with a 4-track EP under a new moniker, nihx (no prizes for guessing how it is derived). Our pick for the moment is N2. The track is energetic, nuanced and well-paced. The spooky, warm pads that suddenly drift in slightly past the 3-minute mark and the slamming of a low filter close to the 5-minute mark makes the track come alive. We can already imagine this would be a favourite with the crowd.

2. Intriguant – Chemistry

Next on our list is another Singaporean producer, Intriguant, who released his debut album on 6 January 2017 on Symmetry. You may be forgiven for thinking that he is a newcomer since it is his debut album but he has already been in the local scene for a few years now. Our pick from his album is the lead single “Chemistry”. A brooding down-tempo track with an accompanying morbid music video, this track will grow on you over time.

 3. Shedbug – Aftermath (Tuff City Kids Remix)

Tuff City Kids’s rework of Shedbug’s “Aftermath” is clearly meant for peak-time. Driven by a kick punching through the airy chords and a monotone acid line, the track is straight to the point and wastes no time in building up to its main segment. We only wished Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer made the track longer.

4. Fatima Yamaha – Araya

Fatima Yamaha returns with a three-track EP on Dekmantel following his 2015 runaway success, which was actually a re-release of his earlier tracks. His story is proof that digging pays off and there is supreme quality in the underground music scene that remains undiscovered. The track below is a short snippet of the EP but we are already blown away by the first track. His knack for layers and melody makes this track monstrous in emotions and depth. It has already caused a furore online after he played it at Dekmantel 2016 and fans were desperate to ID the track.

5. shampoo – You gotta eat the plate (lick it)

Last but not least, we are continuing ride on the wave of lo-fi house. shampoo, an elusive Japanese producer based in UK and Japan, makes his debut release on Dream Raw Recordings. “You gotta eat the plate (lick it)” is a perfect display of his production abilities and musical style. His description of his tracks is pretty apt: “club music for baths”. If you will like to hear more from him, follow him on Soundcloud and send him a message. You never know what you may discover. And don’t worry, he is indeed friendly as stated.


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