Review: Sonic feat. Tijana T


After several missed opportunities, we finally managed to attend an Interstellar party. This time, Sonic, the “house music focused” arm of Interstellar, brought Tijana T all the way from Serbia to deliver a Christmas set. With two Boiler Room appearances already under her belt, Tijana T’s career is on an upward trajectory and she is currently in the midst of an Asian mini-tour.


Entering slightly before midnight, Cabbit was on the decks. The Sonic label was a bit of a misnomer though as most of the night leaned heavily towards techno. With her selection of pulsing and furious techno tracks, Cabbit raised the intensity of the night to peak time. Tijana T took over at 1230am. She continued the intensity for at least a good 45 minutes before slowly nudging it down with the odd chords-heavy track, like “Wisdom to the Wise (Red 2)” – Dave Clarke (A. Mochi Re-Edit), to warm the crowd’s ears to subsequent melodies. Her fondness for acid was also apparent as she dropped an acid track every once in a while. The Kosmik Kommando’s “Passion Doesn’t Pay” easily comes to our minds.

With the dance floor filling up but never threatening¬† to overflow, Tijana began to enter her own element in the last hour. From futuristic bleeps and driving techno tracks inspired by the original idea of space travel to orchestral sounds and unintelligible vocals in the background, Tijana had all our bases covered. Her mixing that night was also spotless and it clearly showed in her closing tracks as she transitioned effortlessly from the early Euro house track “Rhythm Is A Dancer” – Snap! to Robert Hood’s “The Pace”. The former track was a particular favourite as many in the crowd b egan singing along, hands raised in unison with Tijana. 3am obviously came too soon and we had to settle for just one encore track. Despite calls for Donna Summer, we were glad that Tijana stuck to her original choice of closing track as she played a gem in Suburban Knight’s “Collaboration Alpha”, also our find of the night.

Tijana T’s set at CATO was a fine display of her selection, mixing and stage presence. The crowd numbers definitely took a hit with Peggy Gou playing the same night at The Council, but it also meant that those who were there truly appreciated her music and this showed in the crowd’s interaction with her towards the end. Another plus from the night was the live visuals which added another dimension to the music. This concludes our first Interstellar party!


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