Review: The Council presents Robag Wruhme


We are back at The Council, having barely recovered from Amelie Len’s rocking set on Thursday night. This time, it was Robag Wruhme who drew us here. With more than a decade of solid releases on labels such as Pampa Records and Kompakt, his quality in the studio is unquestionable. His return to Asia comes on the back of a release last week with DJ Koze on Hart & Tief, an offshoot of Pampa Records.

Resident DJ Cats On Crack was first up and she set the mood for the night with a slower pace than that of most nights at the HQ, working through a host of deep house and tech house tunes. If you were there early, you would have caught Robag Wruhme and Scharre having a drink by the bar. Soon, mystery man Scharre took over the decks in smooth fashion, progressing from jazzy and exotic deep house, such as Viken Arman – Sireli (Bedouin Remix), to tech house, such as Chymera – Vertigo. With his smooth mixing, Scharre made the wait for Robag felt extremely short. And Robag came on.

Robag Wruhme began his set to a fully packed Headquarters. Continuing the theme from Scharre, he worked the crowd through an hour and a half of tech house. Evoking a sense of mystery and wonder, one can detect the uniqueness that permeates his every actions and sets him apart. He mixes tracks with his eyes closed, almost as if he was in the crowd rather than the selector; he uses CDs with the CDJs; he is not afraid to take his time to build up a track; and his breakdowns do not always end in the conventional drop.

About 1.5 hours in, Robag changed the course of the party, bringing us to the equivalent of Mariana Trench in deep house. His remix of WhoMadeWho’s Heads Above was a particular highlight for us. Besides that, he also threw in his remix of Stimming’s Alpe Lusia and a few tracks of his good friend DJ Koze, such as Kosi’s remix of Acid Pauli’s Nana. Delivering the deepest of deep house sets we were heard so far, Robag led the party through the depths of our souls and emotions.

With time continuing to fly, we were pleasantly surprised by Scharre going b2b with Robag. Having won over the crowd’s trust, they began a sonic journey that was eclectic, diverse and captivating at the same time. The more unexpected the track selection, the more it delighted the crowd. Perhaps we should have expected Robag’s tendency to throw curveballs at us. He once mentioned in an interview that the day he stops worrying about whether the crowd takes to his music will be the day he quits music. It comes as no surprise then that the pair began to transit between ghetto house, jazz, ambient, disco,  soul alongside the usual fare, weaving them into a breathtaking tapestry of sounds. With the set stretching well past sunrise, there was a magical feeling enveloping the Headquarters. It was as if there were no longer any limits and boundaries as the remaining twenty or so music lovers remained until the end, bound by Robag’s and Scharre’s musical thread.

For those who stayed until closing, this was a night to remember. As we exited the club to daylight falling gently on our faces, there was a sense that something bigger is taking root: the birth of an institution. If a Berliner feels at home at The Council, then they must be doing something right. With foreign artistes picking up on the hype surrounding this space, it looks like The Council has already started something special.



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