Review: The Council presents Amelie Lens


With her award-winning Exhale EP and recent signing to Second State Audio, the label of Pan-Pot, 2016 is looking like the breakthrough year for Amelie Lens. Once a model, Amelie Lens has now cemented her name as a techno DJ and producer. If anyone still has doubts about her ability as a DJ, they would have been vanquished by her set at the council. Taking over the decks from Julien Brochard to the cheers of the crowd, Amelie started her set with the kind of hard techno that she professes to be her favourite.

The first half hour,  however, felt slightly too intense for the crowd which was only beginning to warm up. Perhaps sensing the same, Amelie began to incorporate more melodic tech house tracks into her set. The change of styles was visibly well-received by the dance floor, showing Amelie’s ability to sense the mood of the party. With build ups and breakdowns supported by a consistent stable of acid and speaking-vocals techno tunes reminiscent of her own productions, Amelie’s set became a force to be reckoned with and a testament to her adaptability.

While some DJs prefer to build up their set into a finale of hits, Amelie’s style was clearly to spread her stable of secret weapons throughout the night, from Ben Klock’s “Subzero” to Kevin De Vries’s “Eternity”. After an extended hour, Amelie closed with Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella Mix of “The Age of Love”, adding a touch of trance to the Thursday night, before playing her own track “Exhale” for an encore.

Amelie’s popularity with the crowd was evident from the number of people who stayed behind to catch a photo with her. Along with Avalon Emerson and Uchi, Amelie Lens is one of our favourite breakout female artists for 2016 and we were even more convinced of this after tonight.


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