Replay: November 2016

In this monthly series, we scour the depths of the Internet and its memory vault to curate a list of tracks that caught our attention in the previous month. From classics to the freshest and obscure releases, we bring you tracks that we believe you deserve to know or are deserving of greater attention, or both! Sit back and enjoy the ride

1. Bobby Analog – When Will Our Day Come

Our first song this month is from an underrated producer all the way from Belfast, Ireland. Bobby Analog’s “When Will Our Day Come” is an infectious house song of top quality that leaves us wondering when will Bobby Analog’s day come. The low pass-filtered vocals during the breakdown leading to the subsequent ending is our favourite part. If you only have time for one song, listen to this.

2. Bonobo – Kerala

Bonobo returns with a new album and “Kerala” is the first single to be released. With lush instrumentation and a wide array of percussive sounds, Bonobo manages to knit the elements neatly together without overwhelming the listener. This is a song that will make for repeated listens. To top it off, the song has a brilliant video to go with it.

3. Overmono – Winged

“Winged” appears as a B-side on Overmono’s Arla EP. With an ambient background, the song builds into a hectic IDM-techno beat. The song title and mood evoked by the song suggests a panoramic view of pristine nature one sees when flying in the sky and it is a wonderful feeling.

4. Avalon Emerson – Dystopian Daddy

Avalon Emerson’s meteoric rise continues with her upcoming Narcissus In Retrograde EP on Ghostly International. Our pick from the EP is “Dystopian Daddy”. The opening melody that drives the song for the first half peters out to the sudden appearance of ambient pads. Driven by a strong sine bass and low kicks, this will be a bomb on the dance floor.

5. dyn – Rea

A dreamy techno track is next on our list. “Rea” by dyn evokes calmness with a bit of optimism. The enveloping synths meld together to form a track that is perfect for those in a contemplative mood. The hi-hats pattern is also extremely catchy. Another producer to keep our eyes on!


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