Review: Giegling Showcase ft. ATEQ, DJ Dustin & Yadin


With a few events to pick from this weekend, I was spoilt for choice. I eventually settled on the Giegling Showcase at CATO after deciding that it will be nice to find out more about the label that Traumprinz (A.K.A. DJ Metatron/Prince of Denmark) regularly releases on. Arriving at 12am, DJ Dustin and ATEQ were about to begin their set. This was much earlier than I had expected and meant that I missed out on Yadin’s set.  The amount of choices partygoers had this weekend were telling from the size of the crowd at CATO, which was never close to fully packed even at peak time. Without the energy of a crowd, the Giegling showcase felt more like an intimate private party for a handful of music lovers at times.

Not that this event needed the energy of a crowd. DJ Dustin and ATEQ, playing b2b, delivered a hypnotic and ambient brand of techno that was on the introspective and reflective end of the spectrum, rather than the ferocious and unforgiving end. Their b2b was seamless and their song choices complemented each other almost to perfection. Weaving together a 3-hour journey, DJ Dustin and ATEQ drove us through atmospheric and dreamy soundscapes at a steady speed of ~128bpm. It is hard to remember particular highlights for such a night when the beauty lies in the entire set itself. With vocals at a premium, I did, however, recall a remix or layering of “I’ve got the power!” and the speech in Abel Ramos’s remix of Celeda’s “The Underground”.

Due to the low quality of the video, you will have to use some imagination to visualise the kind of tunes they were playing. As the lights began to come on at 3am, DJ Dustin and ATEQ closed off the night with an unreleased demo that blew away the minds of those remaining. My attempt to get the track ID from DJ Dustin was futile, although he did give me the artist name “Soomro”.

Giegling Showcase was an impressive showing of the label’s sound and direction. If you are not already following their label, perhaps it’s time to do so!


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