Replay: October 2016

In this monthly series, we scour the depths of the Internet and its memory vault to curate a list of tracks that caught our attention in the previous month. From classics to the freshest and obscure releases, we bring you tracks that we believe you deserve to know or are deserving of greater attention, or both! Sit back and enjoy the ride.

1. Marst – Aquamour

Diynamic released their seventh edition of Four to the Floor in October, a compilation EP that brings together a track from various producers outside the label’s core. In the label’s own words, “[t]he track’s more uplifting feel, relaxed pace and epic layers of chords make it a fitting choice to close off the EP.” The track’s simplicity belies the depth of emotions it evokes in us.

2. Lindstrøm – Closing Shot

This track by the Norwegian producer is the mandatory feel-good upbeat song in our playlist this month. The gentle arpeggio builds up into a giant whirl of sound, almost like a hurricane picking up in speed, before easing into a series of off-beat claps and stabs.

3. Eddie Niguel – Back2Basics

Next up, we have Eddie Niguel representing our little red dot. He dropped his ‘Back2Basics’ EP on his newly founded label Integrity Records (SG) back in June 2016. The title track from the EP is incredibly catchy. The dual synth melody is playful and full of soul at the same time, although the video may have played a big part in making us think this way. In any case, this surely ranks as a hidden gem with just 72 views on YouTube at the moment!

4. Sekuoia – Beau (Polynation Remix)

The latest Polynation remix was made available exclusively on THUMP. Unfortunately, we were unable to find the original track online. Nevertheless, Polynation has made this track their own, with their distinct brand of electronica coming to the fore. Complex, layered and constantly evolving, this track has to be listened in its entirety to do it justice.

5. Giver – Sodalit

We do not know much about Giver as his Soundcloud is bare on details but this track will convince you that he is definitely deserving of greater attention. A tense and brooding techno track with a slower-than-usual BPM, the track fades away with a gentler outro. Somehow, the style of the song reminds us of Recondite.


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