Review: The Council presents Rebekah (CLR, Soma)

Last Saturday, The Council brought Rebekah down to the Headquarters. Hailing from Birmingham, UK and currently based in Berlin, Rebekah has firmly established herself as a DJ and producer in the last two decades. With her upcoming performance at the Amsterdam Dance Event, this was a chance for us to catch a top performer and pretend we are at ADE.

We arrived at the Headquarters at 11.30pm to a relatively empty club with plenty of space for dancing. This luxury was, however, short-lived as the club quickly filled up as midnight approached, presumably because of the lower entry fees. Julien Brochard was on opening duties that night. With songs like Ray Kajioka’s “Sparks” and Charlotte de Witte “Sehnsucht”, he kept the beat going at a comfortable warm-up tempo while interchanging between thumping basslines and stabs.


As the clock struck 1am, Julien Brochard began to up the ante with Saccao’s “Rocket” and Boxia’s “Revolution. Some party-goers were spotted chanting Revolution with their full force. This raised the temperature to unbearable levels (with the help of the malfunctioning air conditioning and the anxious wait for Rebekah to come on) and we were forced to go outside the club for a breath of fresh air. We were evidently not alone in feeling the heat as a sizeable crowd were out on the streets cooling down, with many more queuing up to enter.

When we re-entered at 2am, Rebekah was already in full swing. Our decision to take a short break was immediately justified. Taking the BPM up a few notches, Rebekah unleashed her brand of purist techno which she has become known for. The first half of her set was relentless and unforgiving, with the crowd relinquishing control of their body to the music. Only the few rare acid tracks, like Remco Beekwilder’s “X01”, gave the crowd something else to contemplate besides the kick drum and percussion.

Rebekah gradually progressed into more melodic stuff towards the second half of her set, teasing the crowd with one breakdown after another. Tracks like Sleeparchives “The Maid in the Kitchen” and Dyad’s “Fully Automated” had the crowd with the hands in the air, before Rebekah sent them into a frenzy with the reappearance of the beat.

Recently, Rebekah commented on her 7-hour set on Soundcloud that “I’m known for being able to bang it out for a few hours during peak time”. We could not agree more. By the end of the night, we were totally exhausted and drenched in sweat. What a way to start October!

 Click here to see some tracks we heard on the dancefloor that night!




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